Is it feasible to make the grid lines always on?

I like the way it looks in general, but it would make other things easier if I could somehow always have the grid lines showing. Any ideas?

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The only times that the grid lines are useful are during building and mining… What else do you need the lines for?

If so, then that should be just an option in settings, like the green line that shows the Hearthling paths.

Sorry, no – there’s currently no hotkey or console command to turn gridlines on/off.

I was referring to do this with a mod. I thought I had figured it out by overriding the javascript functions setView and setMode, but it didn’t end up working in the end and I abandoned it.

I’ve added the ability to have a config that makes it always show gridlines. In the next build, you can add show_gridlines: true to the user_settings.json in the steam folder:

"mods" : { "stonehearth" : { "show_gridlines" : true


Wow. Such great service! :slight_smile:

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Thank you, that’s amazing!

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I know it’s just my opinion but this game looks way better with the gridlines always on. But I’m probably just bad at making designs with all the blocks. haha!

This is hands down one of the best examples of a game developer being responsive to the players. Team Radiant is incredible.