Interesting World Seeds


I was seed hunting during alpha 10 and I found a really weird one. Here’s the picture I got:

Nothing interesting until you notice that awesome lake at the upper left corner of the expedition map.

The seed is 181767736. Enjoy!


I Thought that someone might find this map interresting. A lot of small lakes both with and without water :smiley:
Seed is: 1472220064 (Alpha 11)


Just for the valley in top left corner - almost perfect? :smile:


Spot A: Common Valley Spot

Spot B: Nice Enclosed area for wood for a carved city. Nice opportunity in top right corner of the spot for a possible tunnel or a possible gate for the outside world :smiley:

Spot C: My imagination is going crazy for this location! I’m thinking farm area around the lake, Big city on top of the hill, as its on the edge of the map, makes it easier to wall off!
pssst… I’m Going for it :wink:


the “edge” isnt an actual edge, the land will generate past that :wink:


Yeaaaah, i found out, i just “Settled” far enough up on the map that it became the edge! :smiley:


Wait. What.

The map can get BIGGER? I can use the WHOLE MAP I generate?!


no. the map just isnt limited to whats shown here, so if you settle on the edge, it wont be a literal edge.


See, now I’m confused. What happens if I make a hearthling walk to where the ground ends?


they stand at the edge of your world.

2 things that might help you with your confusion,

  • “map” = the embarkment map

  • “world” = the world settle in after embarkment.

earlier when i said,

i was talking about the edge of the map, not world.

does that make sense?


Oooh. So ok. I gotcha. There’s a buffer of unseen land around the embarkment map if you pick the edge.

Got it


yeah, a much better way of explaining it then the way i did :laughing:


I found an ISLAND!!! :DDDD

1106532452 <— seed

About the new world generation

I’ve been playing Alpha 12 and found a pretty amazing little area (I think this world seed will only work on Alpha 12)

Seeing as loads of people love little islands here I thought I’d share this

World Seed: 2039550085


Just now, I discovered an awesome seed (for alpha 12) that will probably blow your minds! Here it is:

Map seed is 776990184


lmao, just found a nearly identical one to the one above. Chain of 3 islands in the lower part of a huge lake. Seed 821095408


That is crazy! Its almost like its the same map but many years of erosion or something like that.
(And here i thought i found the best world seed.)
If one were to try hard enough, they could make a moat out of that peninscula. Either map really, since both are right next to the lake.

I’m actually using my worldseed and its coming along very nicely. I just defeated the goblins’ settlement; now i’m planning on reforming the location of their camp as a memorial plaza, cause i like doing stuff like that.


Here’s a fairly useful one for lake lovers. Note the almost island dead in the middle of the lake in the center of the map.

Ingame, you’ll notice a few berry bushes, some boulders and some silkweed all near to hand. Not sure why the peninsula touches on the corner in the bottom-right though.


I found a really neat one with several islands and archipelagos, and an impressively large lake. There are so many possible places to use here I don’t even know where to begin.

I picked the northern island, just to see what it would be like, and this is what I was greeted with.

Seed 718913801


I would have picked the peninsula just south of it. Place the village there and turn the island into a castle!
Very nice map!!!

Have fun, Kyth.

PS: You forgot to post the seed.