Interesting World Seeds

This popped up first when I embarked! Woohoo! No never-ending reroll! lol

Seed# 1551087661

Huge island (with a little digging) nestled comfortably in a narrow, easily defendable canyon. @8BitCrab I figured you might like this one, we seem to have similar playing styles

Edit: Yup. Great area for defense and resources.


indeed! i’ll have to check this one out later.


The bottom right corner is nice for some inner forest within carved city!


Guys, I’m looking for a map similar to the last one by @Boulderboy, big, enormous lake BUT it must be in a plain and if possible some more lakes on some high grounds. If you stumble upon something like this, tx to post it!


later today i might go “seed hunting” (continually re-rolling maps for seeds, and getting pics of any good ones) so if i come across any like that, i’ll make sure to post em.


Tx @8BitCrab but I spent some time re-rolling without success so I decided to go another way (you may see the why here)…

(Anyway, any good map is still welcome of course!)


Maybe this one will be useful? 892882239

Ah, nevermind, I’ve just seen you’ve found what you were looking for. Nice idea!

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Center area has a cluster of four large lakes which could be easily connected to form an enormous island, good access to resouces and wedged into a large valley




The big picture:

Found this seed while fiddling around with the location selection earlier today.

Its got a nice enclosed area in the South, which has quite a few trees and is fairly large, in addition to having several coal and iron veins right along the southernmost wall of the mountain ridge.

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that seed is amazing, if you build a wall at the narrow part you can survive for ever, i have made it to day 25 already and i have around 20 Citizens or so. i love it! :smiley:

if they add multiplayer i would be happy to play with you some day :smiley:

[quote=“StaVnACE_CSGoPrizes_, post:35, topic:14511”]
if they add multiplayer
[/quote]Multiplayer is planned but is not comming for a while.

There is a roadmap here:
And a more advanced roadmap here:

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i don’t mind waiting :smiley:

1993956059 (For those who wants to Copy paste the Seed)

Just to keep a trace, taken from: Outdated maps seed recovery :slight_smile::


That island… Epic seed! I love islands

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Seed 1700682012
Ground hole + water near + mountain near + forest near


A small piece of forest in the middle of a mountain! great defence!

I was seed hunting during alpha 10 and I found a really weird one. Here’s the picture I got:

Nothing interesting until you notice that awesome lake at the upper left corner of the expedition map.

The seed is 181767736. Enjoy!