Ingame decision log

Please add an ingame log detailing why a citizen doesn’t perform certain tasks. Useful entries would include:

  • A citizen finds no path to a building or mining site.
  • A citizen stops crafting an item (e.g. due to requirements not being met).

Giving the log the shape of a plain-text log with “copy” button like the runtime exception popup would be fine and allow processing in an external editor if needed. Having such a log would allow players

  • to better identify and cope with current limitations
  • to report limitations that seem buggy

If you don’t want such a log as part of the normal gameplay, it would still be useful as a console command (again: please with a copy option for external processing).


An interesting idea.

While this is not per se logged, you can see when an item is not being crafted by looking at the crafter’s queue.

This would definitely be useful! Not sure a “log” is needed, but changing the color of the zone, or something similar might suffice. Right now, mining zones are yellow, buildings are semi-transparent…maybe a red tint or the like could be used to indicate there is an issue. Buildings would need more info then mining, though, as there might be resources missing, or something more than just a pathing issue.
Something like this idea might be helpful for building:


You can enable logging in the user_settings for lots of things. If you see some of Tony’s streams, he has used logging several times for the AI and other things.

Something like this:

"logging" : {
		"mods" : {
			"stonehearth" : {
				"crafter" : "detail",
				"ai" : "detail"

(I think the logging levels were by numbers too).

Also, there exist some debug keys (Fn) that should show you the pathfinder for the entities (by drawing lines on the ground). I don’t know if you need the debug_tools mod for using them, or just enable them on the user_settings ( “enable_debug_keys” : true, ).