Influx of negative review dispute


If you’ve lived in the bubble here, then it may be a shock to find that not everyone thinks the game is great, or even passable.


To be fair, this bubble is much nicer to be in than the seething cauldron of hatred. Especially because the game is moddable as shit.


There’s a totally not fine line between voicing yor anger because Sean was an utter failure at PR and holding a grudge for years like a broken record even after multiple gig a ntic updates. It’s fine to not like the game but a lot of the hate still around is downright ridiculous.


People have been waiting 5 years for StoneHearth to appear in its ‘finished’ form, for some, 5 years to harbour expectations that it seems to them have not been realised.

I’m sure it hasn’t escaped the attention of those here that the vast majority of those who backed StoneHearth had no intention of modding it, possibly having neither the skill, nor the time, nor the inclination.

I’m positive the release backlash will decrease, and SH will become the niche interest game it was destined to be.


You’re doing a sewage mod?


Possibly after my currently hypothetical hygene mod :stuck_out_tongue:
You’d be amazed at how usefull poop can be.


So? Calling SH a scam and a shameless moneygrab and comparing it to other Kickstarter stories as it seems en vogue at Reddit and the Steam forums isn’t exactly constructive, that’s what I’m saying. I’m disappointed and can understand if others are, too, but the jumping to conclusions people tend to make is saddening.


this is an argument that has been thrown at my reviews, and points alot, and it’s a valid opinion, and it’s not so much wether the game is great or shit, thats all opinion based anyway, but the point remains useful criticism, and downright hatred, review bombing and shit, is just not cool, alot of people dont know the circumstances surrounding the team, and dont care to find out, they just feel like

“me me me, my munny, evil devs me me me”

when in reality, the devs have (i believe) tried so hard to bring so much stability, and core features to the game. and i believe someone else did say, alot of people dont understand what comes into play when developing a game, cost wise, time wise etc.


Methane power, interesting :wink:


I expect most are interested in the game, not the team that made it.

There’s a lot of bad behaviour going on, but that doesn’t change the fact that StoneHearth is deficient for reasons stated in the reviews.

Not that it matters if you enjoy it :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ve played almost 300h and I’m disappointed. Not about the cut content, but mostly about the bugs. This game is buggy, and you must have a lot of saves to get around. When your city is big you can play about 20-30min before the game starts to lag, get buggy and ultimately just stops or crashes. I like everything in the game, but the performance issue will always haunt this game and for many players with old machines, you can’t have more than 30 hearthlings until your game comes to its end not because your playing wrong, but because the game will simply stop working. Being the game finished and the devs “rembarking” on another adventure, you will feel as many others, frustrated and disappointed.


BTW my machine can handle 50 hearthlings, but even so I must once every 20min save and then reload or restart the game. Is this plausible?