Infantry formations

I would like to form up my troops into squares and lines for parades or to make my crossbow men fire inline like Napoleonic era line infantry also maybe make my ranged infantry be able to do volleys but nseconds have to tell them every time to fire like set them to fire every 1.5seconds

So here’s a scenario a large group of goblins head for my town so I tell my 12 crossbowmen to line up then I click the volley butten and set then to fire every second 3 seconds later all the goblins dead.

Basicly so you can make roman style squares and musket trooper line formations the controls will be a click and drag thing I think


combat tactics are still very much an unknown at this point… we do have a very old quote (from Reddit) to reference though:

What options will you present to the USER when it comes to pathfinding?

Well, we don’t want the player to have to micro-manage most units. You sort of give the orders and your settlers figure out how to implement your plans. For combat units, where you do exert more control, we will have the pathing options you would expect in an RTS: waypoints, patrol, etc.