Improved Farming

Just a little suggestion but i think it would improve the overall look of the game extremly. in my opinion the cropfields shouldn’t be handled as many little plant fields stuck together (similar to minecraft) but more like ONE persistent cropfield(like in Banished).
By this i mean that the plants should grew like they’re doing it at the Moment but the farmers should behave differently because their current behaviour results in strange looking fields with stripes or holes of less grewn plants because they harvested and planted anew but left a little piece because another field was ripe and it was closer to their bed/eating place/whatever they were.
I think it would improves the visuals very much if the farmers wouldn’t harvest plot by plot but field by field and also plant like this. so they would harvest one field and would only start with next if the first is finished they would also only start planting if the field is empty. i think like this the fields would look much better because all plants on one field would be in the same or a similar state and all of them would be ripe together