Improve on Combat

This game, similar to Stonehearth in a way, I feel has a combat system less similar to ‘plain hit-points’ that can be used to influence and modify Stonehearth’s combat system.

Here’s how it works:

  • Each person has a list of body parts that can be damaged individually and a pain level
  • Each injured body part contributes to the pain level and will also affect a person’s performance
    – Example: If a person gets their leg sliced by a sword they may be limping and therefor move slower until healed
  • When the pain level gets to high the person may die (cumulative injuries are too much to handle by the body)
  • The person can also die from injuries.
    – Example: Stabbed in the heart / bleed to death
  • Some injuries may become permanent if left untreated or are too severe

Because of this you may need a doctor-type class who can heal certain injuries or reduce the pain level of a citizen.

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