IDLING: find a seat you loafers! its what you have them for!

Quite possibly the simplest suggestion you will get, which can probably be done in under ten minutes:

make hearthlings, when they would idle, idle in a chair.
so instead of being gangly youth in a hallway intimidating old ladies by standing in the way,
they go visit their neighbours nicely built HOUSE, or go sit on that nice bench you made overlooking that cinematic view.
or go sit at the large feasting table you made near that roaring fire. this time not stuffing their face, but just enjoying being there.
(it can just be any nearest chair, unless someone ever adds owned chairs like with the beds ofc)

bonus round:
if more then one is near there, go have a little chat with each other.

(i know you guys like this kind of breathing life into the world, come on, you cant resist :wink: you know you cant)

-mumbles- imtotallynotrequestingthissomyWIPleadermodgoesandsitonhisdamnthronewhenithasnothingtodo…


Indeed. Crafting these beautiful homes is pointless if no one spends any time in them. The Hearth and firepits get all the love!

I’d so far as to give them a bonus to their mood for resting in a pleasing location.