Idea for Pseudo Ownership

Without all the hassle of economics which is likely to not be good or realistic if implemented. An actual economic system or even a government where there is “official” ownership is very difficult to implement.

The flow of money, without a proper economy will always be skewed and displaced in a video game.

That being said, I think it would be great if the player could assign ownership of items and buildings via the door.

Here’s how: When selecting a door, there should be an option to forbid or permit which citizens can enter. That would essentially mean that the house belongs to whoever is the only person allowed to enter.

A potential bug would be that there could be an item within the building that is common to all other citizens.
And probably when the building is incomplete and workers need to have access to the scaffolds within the building.

Just throwing an idea out here. But if you guys can get a working monetary system for the citizens in game, that would be perfect.

In due time of course.

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Another potential issue is stockpiles and crates inside that door, and those stored items needing to be used somewhere else. It would really suck if you weren’t getting your orders obeyed and had no idea why, all because some critical component was trapped behind a door the workers/crafters couldn’t access.

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