How to increase map size?

Is there any way to increase the max map size? I really want to have more area to explore.

I have a relatively high end gaming PC, so I can handle it.

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did you know you can play with a max of 50 hearthlings on speed 3? check the settings tabs. let me know how that pc handles it.

Already doing that.

Runs perfectly smooth.

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r766 does seem to be faster now.
do you use any mods?
after putting a few hundred hours into the game and using over a dozen mods even I struggled to play this:

Other world generation methods

I believe @BrunoSupremo made a mod that increases world size, but I’m not sure if it still works and of course there’s always the obligatory warning about performance.

The main problem for me is that even on a bigger map, there’s not much to explore.

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I know he has different biomes but I don’t recall seeing anything on map size?

i just say Giant Map @BrunoSupremo


I don’t think he officially posted it in its own thread; it was originally offered in response to one of my threads (don’t recall if Isola or Corner) where I was whining about wanting a bigger map because of a nice world seed I had found.

I believe I tested the mod with Unstable 23 and it worked, btw


giant_map needs on Steam Workshop!!!


BrunoSupremo’s Giant Maps Workshop page. @BrunoSupremo

He posted it ~10 days after you posted. Of course, the obligitory performance disclaimer is there… while cool at first… the novelty wears off. I don’t think I’ll use it for another playthrough. I didn’t doubt what he has in the description… I simply wanted to see for myself anyways.

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