Will the map ever get alot bigger? im just not interested in the current state of the game because there is nothing to explore, its always the same stuff you see. If the map would be huge, with random things happen, caves being added, dungeons, maybe even raid bosses and different biomes then i would love to play this game.

they said that they are looking into that.
just their last “dev blog” shows them talking about making prototypes for exploration scenarios /ideas.

their biggest questions for multiple biomes are:
“what purpose would a multi biome map serve the player”, and
"how could we balance a game that has multiple biomes" (since both biomes currently have diffrent ressource balances (desert low wood for example)

about big maps tho… the reason for those “small” (the maps currently are pretty big in my opinion) maps is probably because of the optimization of the game.
even with 20 hearthlings in your world, your game will slow down around mid/lategame pretty hard, depending on your system of course. i suspect that the developers will work on bigger maps once those optimization issues are fully resolved and the game can run smooth even late game and with 50+ (maybe not ;D) hearthlings

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I imagine that with fog of war they could probably find a way to keep more of the map unloaded, and therefore support bigger maps. I haven’t run into problems with the current map size myself yet, but if the game gets more of an exploration focus I could see it would be a bigger problem.