How to get 30 starting Hearthlings

this is only for pre 1.0
No longer needed for 1.0 +

after you download the mod
located here Steam Workshop :: 30 Starting Hearthlings
launch the game go to mods

then find the 30 Starting Hearthlings mod
then click the folder icon
and that will open the 30 Starting Hearthlings folder
go to the local files

browse local files
go to mods Stonehearth\mods
drag the bat files
to the mods folder from the 30 Starting Hearthlings folder
run the Rename to zip.bat
the stone hearth mod should change from
then you should be able to open the folder and go to
then you can replace the
with the one in the
30 Starting Hearthlings folder
then go back to the mods folder and run the
Rename to smod.bat
then it will change back to


Oof. That’s painful! Sorry about the awkward API! I’ll make it so that you can have an arbitrary starting number of hearthling by just modding the constant without modifying the lua file in the main stonehearth mod.


so all I would need is just the mod part I wouldn’t have to replace the game_creation_service.lua file?

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Yes, just the constants mixinto.


in the game_creation_service.lua I made all the Hearthlings start at 0,0,0 instead of making a unique spot for each hearthling is that what you are going to do just make all the hearthlings spawn in at the same spot and not have a unique spot for each one?

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I’m keeping the initial locations, but for citizens beyond the predefined number, it will just find a random unoccupied point nearby.


oh that would work. will there be a limit to how many you can start with?

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No, except for the normal citizen cap and whatever performance issues stem from having so many.


oh good. Thanks

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That said, who is going to be the first one to spawn 100 hearthlings to see what happens :p? Or preferably do a 50 v 50 footman match :’)

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Would that allow for a specific kingdom to have a different number of starting citizens?

I want to try that now


please do, and show it to us all in all its glory/chaos :stuck_out_tongue:

how would I make them fight each other?

When I click the rename to zip file it opens a command prompt for a second and closes it. Nothing else happens, the other file doesnt change. I even tried running it as admin. Running windows 10 if it helps.

do you have the game open? if so close the game before you do that.

I have it closed. I did find on google how to get it to not auto close it says thsi in the command prompt: added a new line saying pause after the one in the rename to zip .bat

D:\Steam\steamapps\common\Stonehearth\mods>ren stonehearth.smod
The system cannot find the file specified.

Press any key to continue . . .

I doulbe checked and it is located in that spot.

You do not need any bat file… You can simple right click the mod and chose the option rename, or simple press f2 with the file selected.

so i al lready have a thats why it keeps failing… my game all ready has a .smod and so it cant make another one… I’ll play around with it for a bit and see if I can get it to work

I got it to work finally :smiley: my game now has 30 hearthlings to start with!

I had to drag the .smod to my desktop and work with it there instead of in the folder, then drop it back into the mod folder and replace the .smod that was there. The .bats you included worked when used outside that folder.