How to get 30 starting Hearthlings

all the bat file does is rename it to .zip
and the other one renames it to .smod

I know, that’s what I said, you don’t need that, you can do that pressing f2. Besides, trusting a bat in the internet is like clicking in random ads in darkweb.
In the end, you don’t even need to rename it to open… One weird trick to open .smod files in File Explorer


just get rid of the extra
then it will all work as intended

wasnt sure if that would mess it up or not

that extra isn’t doing anything. as long as you still have the sonehearth.smod

the bat files are just for convenience

im not 100% sure as to the
-exact- code but i think they used it in a dev stream once, when they made two of their hearthligns fight eatch other. @malley might know

you can always right click and click edit on the bat file so you know exactly what it will do when you run it.

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The example was not targeted at someone that knows how it works. Besides, if you think just downloading the file offers no risk, you are wrong. Another software could be waiting for it and activate it before you had a chance to check what is in it.


oh. well you can trust me and my bat files.

Heh, I’m an artist on the team, so you’re probably better off asking anyone but me ; ). But Stephanie did make a Desktop Tuesday about making your own PVP mod which you can find here:

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i seen that but that’s playing multiplayer. i want 50/100 of my hearthling to fight each other

No, but that would be easy to add. Do you see any interesting use cases for this?

Nothing that I can try yet, but things like a hero campaign based kingdom.
Depending on the change, I guess that would be possible with a simple kingdom based manifest? Instead of changing just the ui, change that value. Maybe not, as by the time that manifest is loaded the game would already have used the default value.

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Haha, I don’t think anyone has talked about doing that before. I don’t know if that’s actually possible…

I do know there was once a time where a bug caused a bunch of hearthlings to turn on each other. I may get this wrong, but it was something like you could tell your town to pick up the goblin’s firepit, but other hearthlings would still try to destroy it - and if they attacked the firepit while another hearthling was carrying it, it would cause them to switch to hostile to the town. Then someone else would attack them, but since they were acting hostile to the hearthling who is a part of the town, they would be flagged as hostile to the town as well. So other hearthlings would fly to attack them, but targeting them would mean they were also hostile, lol. So, eventually the whole town would just kill each other, haha ; D.

I think you could probably do your idea with multiple multiplayer games across computers with a pvp mod, but as for doing it within your own town, I think you may need to do some hefty re-coding : /.


you could just have a dependent mod to go with it

That reminds me, I dropped a batch file somewhere on the Internet that, with one vb script and a text file, reads the entire Bee Movie script one line at a time with text-to-speech. [I also tried, but failed, to make it run on any ctrl B press :frowning: ) Make sure to run any .bat you find just in case!

Back in high school a friend of mine made a batch file that called itself until the computer crashed entirely on accident (okay, only the first time, then he purposely messed around with freezing his computer) but the tech supervisor caught it and was not happy. Way too easy to make something even that innocently dangerous.

can you make this able to download without steam workshop?

did you not get a steam key for Stonehearth?

here you go X Starting Hearthlings is better because you can change it to whatever value you want