How to add new parts to construction

how to add new parts to construction, such as columns, walls and floors?

I’m trying to make a mod, but two things are complicating me.

1 - is that I am not being able to later add the items you want to play, part of programming.

2 - right now I’m without the ability to export the models correctly, all the models I can export are off center.

The biggest problem is to find out which files I need to generate and what information is necessary for this. If anyone knows please tell me, thank you

Add the items to /entities/build. Easiest way to copy paste an existing file and edit it.

Then add the new items to data/build/building_parts.json.

I think that’s it; but it’s been a while so I can’t be sure.


Thanks Froggy, it helps a lot.

Right now i was able to make it work, fixed the models and was able to add the new wall, but every time i build it, the game bugs and i can’t do anything. I still need to understand what is going wrong.

What i can tell is something wrong with the wall being made with a new resource i create

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Did you ever get it built…?

If not I’ll put this onto my list of things to check into, I am just getting back into the groove of things after being away. :slight_smile:

Once I get the time, maybe sometime later today…, I run some tests and let you know what falls out.

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as single walls it show a error, but they build ok, but if i make a house, when they need to build the roof base some bits get missing.

EDIT: after look step by step i found what cause the bug and error. when i select a roof it shows this message: error message

As i was testing, one save and load resolved the problem and the build complete here

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Sorry for my really late response I’ve been very busy… :wink:

Glad you got it working… your “complete here” links to the error image instead of the completed building… though I don’t mind waiting for the mods release to see what it looks like. :slight_smile:

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no problem, thanks for answer. as the new builds coming almost everyday i stop doing a bit for now, but the image for the house completed [is this][1]

Edited link
[1]: Dropbox - Error


I got a 403 when following the link. Is the file private or something…

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Looks nice! btw you can do ( Ctrl + PrtSc ) to take a picture of your Screen and then just open Paint Or Gimp etc and do Ctrl + V and you can then Export to .PNG etc. Sorry for taking your time if you knew that already.

Have a good day!

yeah i know, but all the screenshot i been trying to take from the game are giving me a black screen

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Man that sucks! I hope you can fix it!

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yeah, after many problems with that i finally was able to take a screenshot in windows mode

still need wokr, but i like how all conect together right now


wow it is looking good!

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@flpsantoss looks very cool…

I’ll be curious how you to get this to all work… or is it just cosmetic?

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thanks, but as i have problem when i export the qb files of center and i don’t even know where to begin to make the minecart work on the rails for now it will be only cosmetic

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thanks for the help guys, i have some fun making these itens

Now to polish then a bit before release the first version of the mod

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