How to add Lua to enviroment variables?

I’ll just call on one perosn who might know, @RepeatPan How do I do this? I have built Lua myself, but when I run a command in command promt like this “lua myLua.lua” it says " ‘lua’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file." So I assume I must add the lua.exe to the system Path variables thingy, but I wanted to double check with some people who know. I don’t wanna break meh PC.

see if this article helps in your configuration efforts… :smile:


Thanks! All I had to do was add the path to /bin instead of /bin/lua.exe.


excellent… have fun! :+1:

now, i fully expect to see some crafted lua magic on your part in say… 2 hours time? :wink:


@SteveAdamo You are a slave driver fine sir. Unfortunetly you may not se anything from me mod wise for a few days. I’m not that SMRT However I did make a fork ofJelly, I was interested to see what exactly it is and how it works. but first, I learn.


@SteveAdamo You can close this up. Problem solved. I’ll make something real nice in your honour. Oh and @Geoffers747 , I’ll do something for him too. maybe make a playable Ape race.


ahh, thanks! :smile:

your stock just went up in my book sir… good on ya… :+1: