How to add a new enemy?

i was thinking of adding like an alien as a random spawning alien like goblin camps but i dont know where to starts like what files that i need and what does what.

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I don’t know but if you change the topic to #modding you will probably see more people quickly approaching to help :slight_smile:

What goblin camps are you talking about: the big ones that demand tribute or more like the smaller ones?

There’s this little tutorial that could help you with that, but it’s a while since it was written and may be outdated. Also note that it details how to create raiders rather than a camp, but the process is similar; you can look up the file goblin_raider_camp.json that’s located among the ambient threats campaign, that one creates a camp so you can use that to help create your own camp.


i was actually refering to the small camps( just with campfire and some wood) and second i was actually thinking of making a random spawning enemy type of thing(aka way the wolfs spawn)

one more thing,is the tutorial you linked is up-to-date?

Not quite. The files mentioned there are still correct, but the details for the files I produced for the tutorial are not up to date (except for the first one).

The files I’m going to mention below are all located in data/gm/campaigns/ambient_threats/arcs/trigger/ambient_threats/encounters/; look for them in there.

For the spider_raid.json file, most of it is still correct, but there’s a different way in creating raids which I’d say is better. That is to use the encounter type city_raid, there are only a few differences between that and the create_mission encounter type that spider_raid.json is using. You can open up and look inside the mauraders_raid.json to see what’s truly different between them.

The randomize_daily_threat.json file has been modified greatly now, to know what you’d have to change to make that one complete: open up the file with the same name that the stonehearth mod has.

Just making a randomly spawned enemy works well if you’re following the tutorial. Making small camps works alright as well, but you’ll have to look at other files instead, the create_thief_camp.json can be used as a reference instead. The idea of setting up the encounters works the same way though, it’s just the encounter itself that will look different.


@drotten if you dont mind can you provide me a sample i cant do this alone…well yes but it will take me ages before even finalization.

Here ya go. It contains the two different kinds of ambient threat that you were asking for.

I used the word “enemy” everywhere to describe the names for the various encounters used, but you should rename that to the name of your own mobs so it’s not such a generic description.

I’d recommend that you also study what’s going on in there, campaigns are one of the more advanced kind of mods one can make for Stonehearth. It can take a while to get the hang of it, but it’s worth it to understand the basics of it at least.


tnx man your the going to try and im pretty sure your sample going to help 78% of this project(aka Covenant strike force)