How much should class trees differ between Kingdoms?

I was wondering how much should class trees differ between kingdoms. While there are some basic classes which are necessary for all kingdoms (like Farmer) and all objects should be available in every kingdom (so all the recipes are available with all crafter classes) the rest, that is: class advance order and non-crafting classes could differ for more immersion.

Military trees could be different, e.g.
Ascendancy: defensive (slow, high HP)
Footman -> Knight
Footman -> Archer -> Crossbowman

Rayya’s Childern: hit’n’run (fast, low HP)
Footman -> Spearman
Footman -> Archer -> Slinger

Northern Alliance: offensive (regen, high damage)
Footman -> Axeman -> Berserker
Footman -> Archer


Rayya’s should focus on spellcasters instead, maybe a totally new Mage class that upgrades into Wizard, or splits between Pyromacer and the Geomancer


Oh yes, Rayya’s should get a merge of a Pyromancer and Cleric class. This would definitely suit the keep distance so you don’t take damage approach I was thinking about. As a consequence, Northern Alliance should get a Cryomancer-like class

I’d see it this way: Pyromancer spells inflict damage over time to enemies and make them panic sometimes (so ranged units can take them down without taking damage), Cryomancer spells make them move slower and attack less frequently (so Berserkers can kill them without getting too much damage). This would make the Ascendancy good defenders, Rayya’s would be the hit-and-run guys and Northerns would make the offensive kingdom.

But please, don’t make magic too powerful, this game is for realistic adults, too.


I don’t understand your outlook on the groups.

  • The Ascendancy is your neutral group. They’re hard working, and well rounded, making them the perfect middle.

  • Rayya’s children are traders. If anything, they’d be defensive rather than “hit-and-run”. They venture out to set up new trade posts, and ferry caravans around. They’d be used to being hit by raiders and such, but wouldn’t seek out a fight.

  • The Northern Alliance though are nomads. They would be your heavy offensive, hit-and-run kind of guys. Personally, I compare them to Vikings, in which they’d want to pick a fight.

I also question this. Shouldn’t the slinger (presumably someone who uses a slingshot or sling) come before an archer? Your order seems more of a downgrade IMO.


It was just an example, but I think you have a point joining offensive with hit’n’run. Making The Ascendancy an all-rounder kingdom might be a good choice if one wants to have a beginner kingdom.

The Ascendancy:
Footman -> Knight
Footman -> Archer -> Longbowman (longer range)
Herbalist -> Cleric (provides healing and buffs)
Engineer can construct turrets.

Rayya’s Children:
Footman -> Archer -> Crossbowman (slower reload but more HP and damage)
Footman -> Spearman (less HP than Knight, spear can be used both as a short-ranged weapon and melee, spear is long enough to perform melee attack without getting an enemy close enough to use swords)
Herbalist -> Mage (provides twofold, fire-themed spells which harm targeted enemies and provide defensive buffs to nearby allies at the same time)
Engineer can construct cannons.

Northern Alliance:
Footman -> Axeman (less HP than Knight, but attacks and moves faster) -> Berserker (gets regeneration and Courage boost)
Footman -> Archer
Footman -> Skald (less HP than Axeman, provides buffs to surrounding allies including regeneration buff)
Northerns get no healing class, use Skald’s regen buff instead.


I think you’re pretty on-point here.

I also agree with @Pawel_Malecki on the mage part. We know the geomancer is coming, and honestly… Rayya getting them earlier than other Kingdoms would be a massive boon for the children both in defenses (if geomancer can be used to build defensive formations such as trenches and walls quickly) and in actually wanting to play them. (I ALWAYS choose ascendancy :P)


I choose Rayya’s Children just for the music, half the time. :stuck_out_tongue:


I think the medic class should be easier to reach in the Ascendancy because of the more elf/fairy/forest theme its going for and the easier access to healing plants due to the environment. So yes, the medic/defense strategy should be the main combat theme for Ascendancy imo. most battles should take place during the day. Eventually I think a pet could maybe help out soldiers by spotting enemies, and carrying some goods, hunting animals, and rescuing downed hearthlings.
Alternatively Rayyas Children should have a harder time getting to the medic class, and high quality armor should be a rarity and instead light leather armor, that breaths in the heat and allows for quicker movement should be introduced in its place. I think scimitars, arrows, and simple traps would be the main go to weapons and most attacks should happen during the night. Instead of pets they would require animals that are capable of heavy labor and fast movement like oxen, camels, and ostriches for instance.

Before someone attacks me with ‘Stonehearth is not Medieval’ argument I’d like to note that it actually is, at least that’s what the in-game tech level strongly suggests. You cannot avoid Medieval feeling if you feature exclusively pre-gunpowder warfare.

I would have never considered the Ascendancy an elf race, even their building style suggests they mimic Central European nations spanning from France through Burgundian possessions, Holy Roman Empire (with Bohemia) and Poland. It’s just as obvious to me as Rayya’s Children being based upon Late Medieval nations of broadly understood Middle East, with a somewhat special focus on Persian nations of the Iranian Plateau. Northern Alliance will be the Scandinavians because Nordic setting is extremely unique and it’s easy to create a nice immersive feeling with it.

This leaves room for quite many kingdoms with good immersion potential, judging upon what is usually found in fantasy or Medieval settings. To name a few:

  • Dwarves (quick access to Blacksmith, unique Engineer contraptions available, kinda Medieval-Steampunk kingdom, biome: Mountains)
  • Elves/Celtic mash-up (wear lots of green, focus on ranged warfare, Druid being the Geomancer/healer cross-class, biome: Grove)
  • Far Eastern kingdom (we’ve already seen a Japanese mod, biome: Hills)
  • pre-Columbian American kingdom (Inca/Aztec/Maya mash-up, Shaman being an important class, probably crafting all other talismans so Shamans feel like a caste, biome: Rainforest)
  • Southern European kingdom (focus on scientific solutions rather than magic, Mediterranean Classical/Renaissance style, biome: Coast)
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well, I see your point, but you must admit it really is too vague to clearly define just yet, as a lot of things are up for changes. with magic being planned, medieval is the last thing this game would represent. I actually don’t want them to get into magic because its lazy imo, saying that blah blah its just magic. whereas real medieval tech would require thought and some tough design choices that would be more interesting I think

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That’s exactly what I think.

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Oh, there is probably something you can do there, too. There are different classes for food, so you can change what the main and early source of food will be for that race. Like this:

  • Ascendancy: Farming
  • Rayya’s Children: Shepherding
  • Northern Alliance: Hunting and Fishing