Different recipes for same crafters in different factions?

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My question/suggestion is; Will we ever possibly see different recipes for given crafter roles when switching factions?

It feels very strange to have Rayya’s Children labor all the way up the steel-making tech tree, or having to haggle and barter in some ludicrous fashion, just to get their Carpenter’s Saw… and then have nothing they can do that warrants the trouble, except perhaps the Archer’s Bow or the Shepard’s Crook. But to get to those, you have to grind your Carpenter (while spending absurdly expensive wood) making… stuff your Potter could make on day one? The same applies in reverse with Potters in the Ascendancy, unless you’re just dead-set on those clay chairs or roofs. There’s some diversity going on with the Farmer, and it really alters the playstyle in an interesting way. It’d be nice to see similar changes for the crafting classes.

One solution is to radically alter the roles of crafters depending on their tier for that faction; Ascendancy potters could be forbidden from making clay construction furniture outright, since they don’t need it that late-game, and get earlier access to the knicknacks and decorations, while also adding some of their own culture-specific items like cathedral-appropriate statuettes or candle holders. Rayya carpenters, in turn, could be tuned as a higher-end crafter, building improved workshops or tool upgrades for other classes, and unique knicknacks/furniture that justify the trouble of the wood used to make them.

A second solution is to keep all recipes available to all factions, but alter the tier availabilities of new recipes depending on the faction. You could have different rug/curtain colors for Ascendancy/Rayya’s, for example, but gain access to the other faction’s style in a later tier.

A third option would be to remove some crafters from factions outright - how would Rayya’s play if they had no access to Carpenters at all?.. Not that differently, to be honest. They use so few items from that workshop that it may as well not be there, except the ones they do use are frustratingly necessary.

Lastly, I’d really hope we get unique weapon models/recipes for different factions. It’s strange to see a full-on European knight wandering around my desert-themed town…