How Might One Go About Changing The One Workbench Requirement?

By this I mean, if recipe A required something done at workshop X and something else at workshop Y, to create something at workshop “output” area Z? Like, drop some wool here, put some gold in here, throw the Overly Big Lever and get something cool.

EDIT: Was actually able to test this myself, and by editing a recipe to include both the workbench and toolbench, it returns as “requires a placed undefined” in the game. I guess I’ll use this topic to now ask where I might go to sort of change that, if it’s even possible?

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That sounds like some significant work, if it can even be done without touching C++ (and thus requiring support from Radiant).

For it to work you would need:

  1. Game can recognise that you need more than one workbench.
  2. Game can recognise that items are associated with a specific workbench.
  3. Game can recognise which order workbenches should be approached in to add items. ie. Do you need to add an item to X before you can add one to Y or can you do it in reverse order too? Do you need to work in serial or is parallel operations fine too?
  4. Game can recognise which workbench is the “output” bench.
  5. If you have more than one crafter, can they collaborate on the job?
  6. The (relatively) easy part: Program the AI with an action that allows it to work through all the steps (and handle it if it is interrupted or needs to restart).