How do I make entrances onto the Castle roof?

There seem to be no way of cutting holes with the eraser in the roof once it’s built.
So how do I make a hole for the stairs?

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sadly there currently isn’t a way to “cut” an entrance hole onto the roofs, only way onto the roofs is a ladder on the side of the building :confounded:

however if i’m not mistaken the team is planning to make a way to cut holes in roofs in the future, possibly even in A17…


Tease! You’re manipulating my emotions! :stuck_out_tongue:

i honestly don’t know! i just said that since one of the main focuses of A17 is building, so…


So you can make a hole in the on your castle roof!!!, you can do this by using the second floor tile (I did a 2x2) and then place the roof down. Once the roof is up remove the square that was made by the second floor tiles and now you have ur hole. They built the building fine though it was a quick square building. I made a test build once i read this post. I hope this help every on.