How do i get hearth essence

I am really confused how do I get hearth essence.

When you get the geomancer you get hearthbloom (or something like that) flower seeds. These flowers give you hearth essence.

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i am farming it but i still don’t have any

It’s not the farming crop. It’s a flower you plant individually.

is there any other way to get it because i used my only one to craft the workbench.

My apologies, the plant seeds you should have gotten are called Earthbuds. If you plant those seeds you should be able to harvest them for hearth essence.

can i just find them lying around like any other plant

They don’t naturally spawn in the map that I know of. When your hearthling returns from training as a geomancer it should have added some seeds to your inventory that you can deploy.

If you didn’t, it might be a bug :confused:

well i re-embarked without it

Ahhhh… Well then you might have to wait until you re-do the geomancer quest :frowning:

oh boy i can’t wait

Obviously this is a little late, but in the future if you accidentally spend your hearthbud essence, you can get another bud by using the item stamper in the debug tools. It can be enabled in your mods menu. Once your in game, find the item stamper in the top right. look up “earthbud seed” and it should be the first result. After you place one down, you have to select it and move it to a different location to get it to grow.

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