How do I create my own paths for a.i. that are not restricted to walking on the terrain

I want to have a controlled path where I can feed the A.I. my own set of points it should follow. But I want this path to not be restrict to the terrain. For example, I want to be able to go up in the air, or through objects.
Anyone know how?

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I would look at ai/actions/follow_path_action.lua and ai/lib/follow_path.lua, as well as the pathfinder_component, to see how paths that are generated by things like _radiant.sim.create_direct_path_finder(...) actually get used. Then you could modify (or create your own) follow_path.lua to allow for the type of movement you want, if it doesn’t already allow for it, and generate path objects that contain the necessary fields/values to accomplish that.

It would certainly be nice to have more transparency about those data structures and functions though.