Hey all! Want to translate the game (Spanish)

I could translate for my language,
i’m not spanish dow…

But that its nice. If radiant give us the permission, we can create a group multilaguage :smiley:

Together, we can.

Like a language club you mean.
Really love the idea.


Yep, thats the idea. First of all, i want to see if we have others spanish members here who wants to help…

but yep, i want to make a language club (nice name XD stonehearth language club) for help to introduce other languages here.

If someone want to speak about that more personal, my facebook is: Dark konnan.

Hello!! I’m spanish too, and i’d love to see the game in spanish!! If i remember correctly, i’ve read somewhere that they want to translate it to more languages, but i don’t know how they want to do it. If you need help and i’ve time, i’d be glad to help, but my english level it’s limited.

Also I’m thinkig about making a mod by myself, and i’m sure that i’ll translate it to spanish when it’s done ^^.

I’m with you that if we translate it really soon, more people will be atracted.


Ey! enas!! da gusto ver españoles x estos lares!! la idea de traducirlo me parece de PM, pero creo que ellos ya tenian pensado algun metodo para traducirlo aunq no se como. Aparte, yo intentaré traducir el mod que quiero hacer.

Desde luego, creo que si lo traducimos en fase beta será más fácil darse a conocer, sobre todo sabiendo que los españoles somos unos garrulos con el ingles xDDDD y mucha gente pasa de jugar xq esta en ingles. Además está el público latino que creo que también necesita conocer este juego :smiley:

De todas formas el vocabulario no debería ser un problema dada la temática, y como no creo que tenga mucha historia no creo que dé mucho problema traducirlo, Me imagino que los textos más largos será la ayuda del juego con explicaciones de quién es quién y que hace cada cosa.

Un Saludo!! y ya hablaremos!!! que ganas de beta! :smiley:

@Raistlin In addition to what wminsing commented, in the FAQ you can see that there is an idea to crowdsource translations. So we can expect that the community can contribute.

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You’re everywhere Voxel! I can just take a back seat tonight I think haha,

Ty @voxel_pirate i knew i read it somewhere!! that’s what i was talking about

@Raistlin Cuando quieras hablar, me agregas y comentamos lo que sea ^^. No se exactamente como lo haran ellos, aunque ya estuve hablando por privado con ellos y estaba interesados en traducirlos a varios idiomas como el aleman o el español.

(Los textos de ayuda sera lo mas importante que traducir XDDD porque no creo que vaya a ser muy sencillo, y hará falta echarle algunas horas para aprender a jugar bien).

Sea como sea, si por lo que sea al final no “semos” necesarios, pues lo dejamos y ya está ^^.

(Que ganas de beta si! :D)


If the game will be easily translate, we can wait only for the game u.u

Open question: is the game still fairly playable if we translate JUST the text, but not the number formats?

I’m not spanish … but what do you mean by not changing the number formats? Am I having a moment?

Yep, what are you trying to say with number formats? ^^ say a example pls

xD, yeah, but if it’s written in binary base maybe we need to translate it to decimal base haha

EDIT: ok, now i know what do you want to say O_O, i never thought that the numbers traduction it’s an issue :S

but i guess that just the text it’s the important thing, because people needs to understand first what they are doing, and later, they will be worried about the stats and the numbers and how to min/max (do you know this term??)

Things to consider when you make software for a variety of countries: Internationalization and localization - Wikipedia

It’s fairly easy (from a technical standpoint) to distribute the text files with English in them, and have people translate these to other languages. It becomes a little more challenging when you want to write functions that automatically reformat dates/currency/word direction based on the target language. Totally doable! But often tedious.

One benefit of working on a game is that dates and currency (the things you absolutely want to get right if you’re writing, say, a banking app) are probably a lot less important. I’m wondering how much so.

Not that text is without its considerations! I once worked on a piece of software where we had to allow an extra 33% margin everywhere we used words because German tends to be longer than English. Also, finding culturally neutral icons was an extra challenge.

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Well everyday’s a school day, thanks for the explanation! :slight_smile:

In regards to the importance of date/currency obviously I cannot speak for the world, but with the majority of Europe displaying dates as dd/mm/yyyy - it could be worked around by simply something like dd/ month name, or fully typing out the date? Currency is a bit different I suppose, but, you can thank the Euro for standardising that for you!

This all depends obviously on how you’re implementing dates/currency? Hell I might have even completely missed the point!

Edit: Man, imagine how much easier it’d be if America would. Just. Conform! Date format by country - Wikipedia

Then… translate can be more though, y? ^^

But i still saying the same thing, if we can do something with that… say it, we can make a group for translate without problems. All in your hands

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my initial reaction would be “yes”, as in the scenario you describe, the text file would be translated (accurately) to the new language (Spanish in this case), and the Spanish speaking player would immediately understand the text and context in which it was used…

having something like a single date or currency value be misrepresented would likely not be jarring enough so as to lose the intent of the rest of the sentence…

unless of course the dialogue in question was from a local merchant, talking about the future price of his wares when he travels from the settlement… :smiley:

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I think the problem with translating dates and currencies could be easily solved by making them up. Seasons are easily translatable so “1 Summer”, “2 Summer”, etc. for the date could be used for the calendar if you didn’t want to make up fictitious month names. “GP” or “Gold” is an easy currency (and translates) if you don’t want to use “samoleans” or something like that.

I’m not sure what other localization problems there might be. Since Stonehearth is a fictitious world, though, I imagine a lot of them could be overcome by making something up.[quote=“Geoffers747, post:21, topic:1444”]
Man, imagine how much easier it’d be if America would. Just. Conform!
I actually can’t remember most of the time what the American convention is. I’ve been writing things as day, month, year for so long and I tend to use the full month name to avoid ambiguity in case I get it wrong.


Things like “1 summer” and "2 summer"
are things you can change, as long as you don’t
change the code.
But as a normal guy i don’t know much about that…


@xophnog The idea of 1º summer, 1º autumn, 1º winter, its nice. If u put 90 days on every season, u have day 1, summer 1, day 2, summer 1, day 3, summer 1. Then u dont need to think about a complete date ^^.