Help with Building

hey there, new to the community. Love this game and I apologize if my post is in the wrong place.
I having trouble getting my villagers ro finish building houses.
it happens more often with custom building(which I keep simple, trying to avoid confusing them), they seem to always get stuck or stop building at the roof phase of the structure.

I’m 99% certain I have all the materials I need for the finish, I’ve tried every NOOB solution I can think of and theystill seem to just stand there.

They also refuse to remove the building as well.

can any one help me and what can I do to be a helpful part of the community. I love this game and want to encourage the developers to kepp making great games like this one.

The only thing I can suggest trying if you have not already is using ladders.

What I mean is looking for certain segments of the building/structure that is unfinished. Then placing a ladder around that point. It might be tedious to do this every time, but most often it helps, at least with the simple builds, and ones that don’t have too much to them.

basically a helping hand with ladders, deconstructing and placing ladders where needed. Might get them to start building again. will not all that time, but worth a shot if not tried.

Just keep in mind of their reach which usually is 1 block in front ladder and 1 to either side of that block, and you should be ok in most instances. Which means a 3 block span with 1 ladder. Might have to deconstruct and place ladder again for each height; just keep an eye on them for the most part.

Other than that I haven’t a clue as I have my own way to go about things, but that is the most common thing I do when they have actually at least started to build. :slight_smile:

And for those they refuse to build from the get go or the above does not work and no progress, you could help out by getting a template/blue print of building and posting it in this thread. As I know I have run across some complications in certain buildings, and they want those that don’t finish or don’t even start so they can adjust & hopefully get as many different ways of building buildings as they can being possible.


thanks for the feedback. :smile:
I started a new town and have slowly been adding buildings to see what happens.
my last village had +20 villagers so it’s possible that may have been a factor.
Lately the building have been going well except for maybe a door or a window or too they get stuck on.

This problem then gradually vanishes after logging out and back in a day or so later.
I don’t think the template was the issue because the building I made was already once constructed in my old game, it was only when I tried to make another with a larger population that trouble begain to arise.

Anyways thanks for the response, it was helpfull