Help with ACE fuels

Hi. I was just hoping for some help understanding the fuel system in ACE. I cant seem to wrap my head around the fuel tiers and how to get them. I couldn’t seem to see any info online. Sorry if this is a really obvious thing and I’m just being an idiot.

Thanks in advance!


there are 2 or 3 levels of fuel
wood being one of the lowest and hard coal the highest
low level fuel is for cooking, basic smithing, …
high level fuel is for advanced smithing
the blackmith can make charcoal and slabs of coke which are better than the source material
wood comes from trees or you buy it, and can be turned into charcoal
lumps of coal is mined or bought , turned into slabs of coke
hard coal is also mined but is harder to find

to get charcoal first chopdown trees, then have the carpenter make wood logs(firewood) and then have turned into charcoal by the hearth r have he blacksmith make it