Help:Troubles messing around with the "model_origin"

With the debugtools, I was able to modify the “model_origin” of one of my mod items, such that it sank into the ground a bit. See picture:

(this was to hide the shelve you see on the top item.)

I wanted this trick to happen by default for this item, and thus I changed the …_ghost.json file to have the right code (which is also displayed in the picture), and upon reloading, this happened:

Didn’t work, and apparently the game thinks the model origin is at 0 again.

Does anyone know more about this? Is it even possible to change the “model_origin” in the y-direction?

You need a new object, old objects holds the old values. Just save your json, delete the old object from your old, and spawn a new one.

It worked, thank you :smile: