Coordinates in model not updated

When creating an object for a mod and altering the coordinates (such as model_origin), the old object version in-game is not updated.
The visual XYZ Axis is not updated (F11). The rotation of object is still updated properly.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a placeable object into the game. And put it anywhere on the ground.
  2. Save the game. (with the model in-game)
  3. Alter the model origin for object, save the changes and reload game.
  4. Place a new model next to the old one. Notice how the new one has an updated XYZ Axis while the old one does not.

Expected results:
Models show current origin.

Actual Results:
Axis does not update with coordinate changes.

These two picture show the same object but with different Axis coordinates. Again, the rotation is updated properly for the new coordinates.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think those coordinates are the region origin, about which the object is rotated. Model origin is for where the object is placed, ie which square of the grid you click on.

I am mostly confused about how this region and origin work. But this sounds right I think? For what I did, I only altered the model_origin from the ghost.json of those flowers model. And like you said it does change where the object is placed. If anyone knows more how this works they can absolutely correct me.

I have a couple more images from another test I did. I only changed the model_origin Z from -0.05 to 0.05.
The two images are similar to the first set. The left model is a “new” version and the right model is the “old” version.
As I move the old model the outline follows the old origin (-0.05 in this case).
But when it’s actually placed down, picture number 2, the outline updates and the object gets placed in the proper spot.

I believe this is a bug, not a misunderstanding by me. This does not occur with anything newly created.

inb4 thanks we already know all this