Ghost with alternate model?

Is there a way for the ghost to have a different model than the placed item?

I tried separating out the normal item and ghost into separate json files so the normal item doesn’t mixin the ghost, and then specified my two alternate model qb files in each one. It didn’t work, so I’m wondering if somehow specifying the alternate forms that are needed to match an item with its ghost is somehow cross populating some attributes.

The reason I am trying this is I have some items with subtle differences in their facing (almost symmetric but not quite). I was trying to add an arrow in the ghost that would aid in correct orientation when the item is plopped in game, but the arrow shows up in the real item as well as the ghost.

The ghost is too “ghosty” right now and hard to understand how the final model would be.

That’s true. If they reduce the transparency it might alleviate my problem. Tom mentioned “too ghosty” ghosts while building a template in the dev stream awhile ago, so perhaps that will be tweaked.

What if you leave the inheritance from the ghost, but still specify different model variants on each file?

It should pick the default for each one separately… I’m not really sure if it would work, but…

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That’s what I was trying. I think I will give it another go, though. After my initial posts to this thread I discovered that I had multiple copies of the mod in my main mods folder (one .smod, one unzipped). I’m now thinking that mistake was what was corrupting my alternates.


D’oh, that was the problem. I had two copies of the mod, one with test ghost separated, one not. Must have just got loaded in the right order needed to reset my normal item with the test ghost. I got them successfully swapped out now.

Just to recap, if you want to add some helper placement items to ghosts, pull the two json files apart so they don’t use the same default model. I think I will actually make a third file called item_common.json that item.json and item_ghost.json both use as mixins. That way I don’t have to repeat the name and description info in case I want to tweak that later on.