Hello a litte quistion

Hello everybody

we are more peopel and we have a bit littel more quistions

first when start the beta or so when all peopel can buy or play

then can we buy it in the alpha or beta for play early like minecraft

how much it costs

The Beta is aimed for December 3013, release by September of 2014.

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ok and can somebody play in the alpha`?

They haven’t mentioned anything about an alpha yet.

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hmm ok nobody can play hmm

I don’t think the game is “playable” at this point anyway. They seem to have the basic graphics engine down, along with a basic combat and building engine, a sense of the design, and art assets, but not much more. I’m not sure they’re even at the alpha stage yet. Which is fine, they have time money and obvious talent to get there.

IIRC, the game is stable for around 10 minutes before crashing… be patient, young grasshopper.

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Tom did mention in the Livestream on Monday that there may be some sort of alpha release, but in no way is it a guaranty.