Heartlings won't place "Crystalline Arbalest"

I got the Crystalline Arbalest from the rabbid quest. I have the order to place it since 2 real life hours, restarted the game, tried re-giving the order, and even tried to place it with the debug tool (can’t find it in the Item Stamper)
I really wan’t to kill the Titan, but my Heartling simply refuse to place it down.
They do place down other things like beds, chest, etc.

BTW the same thing happens with the chargin amberstones from the rabbid quests!


I don’t know how to fix this, to be honest I would just like the name of the Arbalest in the Item Stamper, so that I can finish the game and make another save.

BTW I know that this is off topic, but does anyone know, if I can re-embark with rabbid people if I don’t take the Amberstone-Pedestal with me?

Ok I’m sorry, I feel really stupid right now. The 2 Items, that could’t be placed, where at a unreachable place -.-

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Well at least it’s solved then :slight_smile:

yes you can