Hearthlings getting stuck indoors

I put a stockpile indoors and all was well, until eventually the trapper and carpenter both got stuck indoors and the other workers wouldnt go inside that building for any reason. Is this a bug or have I done something stupid?

Could you post a screenshot of the problem and give more details?

There are other reports about people getting stuck inside buildings, but if there are workers outside, you should be able to enter that building.

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I’ll put up the screenshot in a sec, but basically the carpenter and trapper went indoors and everyone else was outside, then all of a sudden the workers couldn’t get in and the others couldn’t get out. I removed the outdoor stockpile so that the indoor ones would be used but the workers didn’t carry the goods indoors because they just wouldn’t go indoors at all. Their beds were all indoors and they slept on the ground instead of going inside. I gave the workers an order to move one of the indoor beds and they wouldn’t go in and do it, and in the same way i told them to move the carpenter’s workshop indoors and they wouldn’t do it. It’s all kinda weird, but i’m getting a huge number of problems like this in A7 (sometimes I can’t use the carpenter’s workshop anymore, it just doesn’t accept when i press ‘craft’, and other times one of my characters will just get randomly selected and i can’t unselect them).