Hearthlings Frozen In Place

Reloaded a saved game, and all my Hearthlings, including farmers and footmen, are frozen in place. Wouldn’t move, wouldn’t do anything.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Save game.
  2. Load save game.
  3. Haven’t the slightest idea.

Expected Results:
Game plays as normal.

Actual Results:


Save Game (7.1 MB)

Version Number and Mods in use:
Develop-2865 (x64)

Was the game started in a version different from the one you are currently playing?

Now that you mention it, yes. BUT, when loading from the save file before this one, I didn’t experience this, only after I re-saved. If this is just a version issue, then close it as such, but if there’s more, hope I can help.

Original Save (5.4 MB)

Do they unfreeze when you click the play button in the lower right corner?

so i just loaded up both of the provided saves, and neither of them had frozen hearthlings for me…

Nope, tried all three speeds, even pausing and playing again.

User specific glitch then? Personally I can’t seem to recreate it, so, maybe a one time thing?

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alright, i’ve moved it to not reproducible for now, if you run into the problem again dont hesitate to say so!

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