Hearthlings' backpack size cannot increase [R862]

Summary: Hearthlings’ backpack size cannot increase as part of a buff or level-up.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Promote a Trapper to level 5
  2. Create 6 items and a stockpile
  3. Send the trapper to collect all 6 items

Expected Results: Trapper collects 6 items, as his max inventory size should be 6

Actual Results: Trapper only collects 4 items

Notes: Initially noticed issue with Miner mod, reproduced without any mods active.

Version: R862

Yes, this is an unfortunate side effect of the new restock system. We gained a lot of performance back, but restocking errands are one size fits all. You can increase the global backpack size, but increasing individuals’ backpack sizes won’t change their restocking behavior. You can still write custom AI that uses their larger backpacks.

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So you guys won’t be fixing this for the Trapper? I’m asking as if you will fix this, I’ll wait for you to update the custom AI action yourself. If you’re leaving this as it is, I’ll add a custom AI action to my list of fixes for the miner.