Having Nomads instead of the Northmen's Alliance

I’d rather have Nomads than Northmen. Though vikings are cool, the nomads are more diverse, and they would have a very intresting play style.

Hey there @TERMIN8R, welcome to the Discourse! The Northmen’s Alliance was one of the 3 kingdoms promised in the Kickstarter, so I don’t think they will get rid of them. That being said, I would love to hear your ideas for a nomads kingdom. What would make them unique?


Could make the Northmen nomadic. Two birds! :slightly_smiling:

Anyway, a resettle command perhaps? Something with a big burndown or resource cost to make you have to be very deliberate.

When you kick off a resettlement, the game redisplays the world seed map just the same as it did when you began the world new, except this time it displays your current settlement location.

From there you can pick a new starting block, which will render a new area on which you can place your banner, just like a new game.

Only this time, after dropping your banner, you are given a glorified inventory UI containing all of your items. Maybe even your buildings too, though my feeling is that buildings should not be transportable. Perhaps though this kingdom is given the ability to build portable building templates which DO come with you (such as sleeping huts, shaman tent, etc). A Norse-like longhouse would still have to be rebuilt, as they were definitely permanent structures.

All of your stockpile items (those loose items not already in containers) would spawn around your banner and be moved into any new stockpiles you create.

Lastly, traveling from one point to another during a resettlement should have its risks. Distance from point to point might take many days/nights, so the caravan should play the odds of being challenged by mobs, requiring footmen to successfully defend. If people get too hurt in the process, the caravan might be forced to delay long enough for the medic class to heal them before moving on, further adding risk / suspense.

Wilderness travel is a risky business! But man that could be fun.


Basically what megashub just said, maybe they could move from location to location, gather materials, than sell them for increased profit. And to provide an incentive to move from place to place, you can only build 2 16x16 fields per move, and you cant fallow or grow very many crops, so you have to rely on hunting-gathering.

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I truly hope not, I’ve bought the game long time ago and tried it out some and enjoyed it. Main reason I bought the game was the northern alliance promise. I just thinked it as a clever way to enhance my studies in scandinavian mythology (Yes, I live in Scandic country) so I can build the cities of old sagas. So removing it now would be a major f**k you consumer in my eyes.

Any news when Discourse plans to start with that faction?