Having a Double door or "Airlock" building almost completely negates enemy threats

In my first play through I build on the side of the lake and met my end by Ogo Skullbreaker, During my second time I’ve found that building on a elevated piece of ground was a good defensive measure… As a result of building I realised that placing buildings or floors made the the terrain around the plateau that I was based on unspawnable

as a result I was able to cause the enemies to come from one direction - the gate I had made from the build menu which also broke the scenario by getting rid of the ladder when there was a raid which was the tactic I used when I had 6-10 hearthlings before trying to make a castle gate building which went through several revisions til I ended up with a smaller building (Image here) that my archers stand upon except that the door was more like a airlock. This meant that even if a door got broken they didn’t get through (Image Here) as a result when raids come they sort of come near then stand around (Image Here) unless it’s a Ogre doorbreaker which runs at my building then dies hopelessly thus the item near the building as I have 7 archers which do die easily if hit but even if he breaks the door he cannot reach the 2nd. I think that maybe once the difficulty rises they will be able to easily kill the 1st door but they still won’t be able to reach the 2nd.

As I mention earlier I placed building or a floor of a building (under the trees near the trap) and a building to the right which prevented spawning the more unocupied reigons of my town (Image Here) in the end after planting a few tree which I think might help the spawning of animals I created a hunting field for my trapper thus making a safe place for him to hunt without being endangered at all…

Because of Enemies having noway to get into my town I could leave the game running for several hours come back and no one has died the door is still alive or had been replaced due to being able to set to keep 1 in inventory and keeping a stock of materials. I’ve pissed of the ents serveral times and only 3/5 times there has been a group to come attack me… which was no where near as dangerous as I thought that being said I do have 4 knights in silver armor and 2 footman and 1 cleric killing them when I bother to deal with them… as they also encounter the issue with the Enemies stopping at said range to my town.

In the end I think they need more ways to get through the defenses of towns Or have the Enemies stick together as a group so they don’t run off alone that way the Doorbreaker has more of a chance to break the door instead of dying beforehand and then make the smaller Enemy capable of reaching the 2nd door which a weaker attack then the ogre doorbreaker. This way it actually requires some form of melee troops to protect the door or inner door


I am quite disappointed by the lack of means the enemies have to get through defenses.

I had a similar thing happen with my recent hard mode save. The enemy spawned near my walls and simply stopped because my doors (two stone tunnel doors separated by a bridge over water) were not easily “seen” by the enemies. They simply didn’t know what to do so they just sit there.