Havent experienced multiplayer

i would like to play multiplayer with some one ive never experienced it leave a comment if you wouldnt mind adding me on steam and playing the game together (a heads up im an early game land leveler i prefer building my cities in a flattened level


i would if not for the fact that i dont have time yet
:’) but it shouldbt be too hard finding someone to play with, as far as i remember there was a list of steam names on this forum of people that play and might like to play multi, and otherwise you could try the ace discord, there is usually someone hanging around in there :slight_smile:(and if you still havent found anyone in a week or two i could probably still play :stuck_out_tongue: )

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I’m ready to play with you :мышление:
My steam:


Multiplayer is extremely fun to watch others get stomped by the cycles of raids that go out, and some workshop mods even allow your settlements to go against each other to turn it up a notch.
Wouldn’t mind playing, currently on Winter break

honestly it’s not that good it is laggy for everybody but the creator

That full well depends on everyone internet and distance to 3ach other. Usually its not that laggy for me, even when joining (unless I play with an American)

not to revive a dead post but ive been away for a while and just got all the messages sorry if i didnt specify im in the usa and i would prefer to host and not play with mods