Goblin Wolves Quest

Hey there People,

just got this crazy quest last time… first off all i just wanna know, if there´s a way to prevent spawning goblin camps in the middle of your town…
Secondly i don´t know if it´s a bug or not… but i´ve got this several times… that wolves after helping them and just destroying the fence around them…

they´ll attack my hearthlings :frowning: they won´t vanished after this Event…

If u wanna see what i´m talking about… the two explained Problems of mine… see the last of my Youtube-Videos…

10 | Stonehearth - buggy Wölfe \u0026 Co. (00:00 - 07:18 minutes)

There u can see my Problem with the wolves… now the question… is their behavour right or wrong? Feature or bug? =)

As far as I know, goblin camps aren’t supposed to spawn in the middle of your town.

they are indeed, not supposed to do that… :smile:

thanks for the report @maDDin546 … I believe this has been reported before … searches


yeah, haven´t found any posts like this ^^ and of course just a one or two minutes of researching xD sry if reposted ^^

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