Github & Software Management

Just out of curiosity since the alpha build is just right around the corner now… Does any of the planning-to-be-modders here use software management utilities like Github? And if you do which one?

For my “Princess” mod I believe I will be using Github (i know shocker :stuck_out_tongue:)

I actually did not think about software management utilities yet. But I think I just use the discourse for it. Since I am the only one working on my mod currently, I think it works fine for now.

Have you ever used any before?
Git is great at keeping track of changes over time which can help with things like bug checking and feature implementation. And it leaves the door open to other people just jumping in and helping as well

having a management system is wonderful, but obviously has more benefit for a larger group of developers … and git ranks up there with one of my favorites …

yea, but I am planning to start with reskins so that wont give any bugs.

While I do agree with you, even a single developer can benefit greatly from a versioning system. It can be very usefull to compare different versions of your work with ease. If you made a change and you want to roll it back while keeping other changes you made, or if you lost track of a certain piece of code, a versioning system can be a life saver!

you are of course correct… i should have been more specific, in that its also more useful depending on the complexity of a project (and the more likely need to in fact roll back)… then again, depending on your own personal comfort level, or degree of OCD, having the system might be critical, regardless of the project’s complexity… :smile:

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Personally, I also see a very large convenience in using it like the following:

I’ve seen a lot of people post who want to make mods with little programming experience. Instead of getting discouraged and quitting–or posting a massive obscure error message/code samples on the forums–they could just link their repository.
You can report issues, solve them, add things to someone else’s mod…
That’s just a couple examples though. Food for thought. Just wanted to get this out their in the minds of future modders for it’s incredible amount of uses.

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