Gender requirement - promotion requirements

Hello out there,
is it possible to have more requirements for promotion puprposes.
I am thinking about

Maybe we modders can even get further:
attribute requirements or body, soul, spirit requirements

@BrunoSupremo you are my best chance for detailed information :slight_smile:
maybe you can point me to the lua which reads an checks the promotion requirements.


I have no idea :sweat_smile:

It would be needed a lot of changes I guess.
I’m actually working in a new class right now, and I learned a lot of new things.

Check at the /jobs/base_job.lua there is a method there to promote. Other classes may have that function overwrite. Like the jobs/crafting_job.lua or the jobs/cleric/cleric.lua

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Ok these luas only check lvl and class. The cleric lua adds everything needed for healing.

Maybe another approach if someone has tried that.
What if i change the default model of the talisman to male (i dont know if that causes an error) and delete the female model.
Or if you try to promote a female it causes an error.

Maybe i give that a try.
Please Bruno just say you dont know or yes that will do.

The last try would be to have a female look male if promoted but i really dont want that.

Uhm, talismans don’t have male/female variation… Only the armors. Or I missed something?
Oh, and if you don’t have the variation, like an armor just for males, then both genders will use it.

I know it’s just a mod so it’s optional, but I really hope if ya do crack the gender specific class bit it doesn’t pick up steam with other modders. Just my opinion, but personally ANY game that has gender locked classes I don’t give a second glance. I believe you not only limit the number of people that will use the mod, you purposely stifle the creativity of those that do, and you’re basically imposing an unnecessary requirement on top of stats/beneficial traits. My apologies for playing devil’s advocate, but something to consider.

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I know what you mean,
it is absolutely not a gender specific class. It is splitting one class into two to do more detailed work.
But maybe you are right and i should drop the classic approach to this and go back to unisex class creation. In terms of coding and modelling that would be much easier.

Thank you @Logo
As i am writing this i realise that it is stubborn to push my concept instead of thinking it stonehearthy.
Back to thinkdesk


Heh, no problem and my apologies if I misunderstood. My statement was a stubborn push on my part for inclusivity and gender equality so I’m not judgin’ ya lol. I’m sure you meant well with the concept, but in Stonehearth anyone can be anything whether or not they’ll be good at it depends on stats. I think you’re doing an amazing job modding and I’d hate to see ya limit the potential. Currently playing Final Fantasy Tactics War of the Lions and was thinking last night how I wish they wouldn’t have split up bard/dancer by gender so this thread caught me in a moment.


This topic can be quite difficult to handle, but its kinda funny that yesterday i was watching my archers in action and i realised that the color of their hood is different on the genders! I am really not sure why this is? Do i need to know who of my archers that are male or female when i look at them? Sure if i want to control a specific archer for some reason, i can narrow down the selection by gender, but seriously what do we do after that? sort by the name right? So why not just do that in the first place?..
There are room for gender specific things, but they need to have a really good reason (like hair designs for example).
Personally the archer example dont bother me, but i think others could be offended by it…

I think i know why you are wandering down this path @Chabonit and it might help if you revealed why you want to pursue this?


I noticed that too, honestly I use that as a visual indicator and put all my fire arrows and sticky arrows on the same colored hoods. Kinda helps me keep track of who I have doin’ what where in combat lol. That way I don’t have to click on each one to see who is using what if I wanna split archer targets.


No everything is good it was just the right push to rethink what i do atm and why. So i just redo sone campaign text and rename files and qbs and so on. Since this morning a better fitting concept with the same goal unfolded in my mind.
Yes it will be another day of work to get back to the stonehearth road but thats ok.