Game's not launching on a new computer

Hey guys, so…a little help please XP

got an itch for playing god with some hearthlings after a long while, and decided to download the game on a new computer. When I tried loading it however, nothing happened. It says it’s running, but then it goes back to not loading.

Tried looking through the forums for solution, and tried a few:
-reinstalling the game: didn’t work even after deleting all the files.
-unsubscribing to mods: Nada.
-launching it directly from local files rather than steam: strike 3.
-checked my anti-virus: everything other game launched except stonehearth, and all settings were identical.
-checked for crash.dmg file, it didn’t appear.

for some reason, it still worked on my old laptop…anyone got clues as to what’s happening? would appreciate any in-sight.

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Laptop with a webcam maybe

wait…what does that have to do with the game? …on that note they both have built-in cams.

Webcams can cause problems that require a plugged in gamecontroller to fix
If the new laptop has a touchscreen, you are out of luck

luckily it doesn’t…how do I check if that’s my problem?

I have same problem too. However I can play the game as legacy vista beta version of 2017.