Game so slow can't even choose hearthling at start

game so slow for windows 10 even though i had many useless microsoft windows deleted

i want to know what’s the requirement to play game without lagging (at all).

Which are your computer specs (CPU, RAM, Graphic card…)?
Which antivirus do you use? It should not lag that bad at the beginning, sounds like another program is messing with your game. Have you tried playing in 32bit? (There’s an option to toggle this in the System tab of the game settings).

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apparently i tested (finally got the starting hearthlings i wanted) and the gameplay is still ok for starting, although a bit of lag here an there. the problem is in the starting menu during hearthlings choosing where they lag so much it’s taking a while to pick

especially when mass re-rolling

Were you running any other applications in the background? And again, which are your system specs?
The game is usually more CPU intensive than GPU intensive, but if you have low-end rigs for any of them, the game will probably be slow.

However, the lag can be caused by external applications too, like the ones mentioned in the second post here: Crashing on start? Read this! UPDATED October 18, 2016.

Were you using any mods?