Game not launching from steam

When I try to launch from steam I get a pop up window saying

Options can be specified on the command-line using the format:
stonehearth.exe name1=value1 name2=value2 name3=value3

Name should be the path of the propery you want to set. For example,
to set this config file property:
“renderer” : {“enable_shadows”}
you would use:
stonehearth.exe renderer.enable_shadows=true

Any of the options specified in the stoneharth.json config files can be set this way and will override the config file settings.

To show this message again use:
stonehearth.exe help

If I launch the game via the .exe file it works mostly fine.

i5 4690k
gtx 1080
16gb ram
Win 10

I’ve reinstalled 3 times now on different drives. Even deleted the left over files from uninstalling.

That that you don’t have any custom launch options in Steam. They are set by right clicking the game entry in the Steam UI, selecting Properties and clicking Set Launch Options. The box that this pops up should be empty.

I have no custom settings on. And wouldn’t they have been reset by uninstalling/reinstalling the game?

While that message window is showing, can you go to the task manager, find Stonehearth and post the value in the “Command line” column (you may need to manually show that column by right clicking on the column headers)?

It says:
G:\Games\Steam\steamapps\common\Stonehearth\Stonehearth.exe -w 1920 -h 1080

I realize that the command line is saying I have something in the Launch options of Steam, but I’ve checked twice and I don’t. I’m going to try and reinstall Steam and the game and see if that clears it.

I don’t know where those arguments are coming from, but they are what’s causing that error message. Perhaps some third party software that tries to enforce consistent resolution across different games?