Game lagging at the beginning

Hey my game is lagging, on a new save. This has not happened before, I usually get until around 15 guys before I start getting a small amount of lag, now I am getting heaps of lag right at the beginning of a new save.

Any ideas would be helpful on why this is happening. I went to task manager and closed any unnecessary applications, I also verified the integrity of the game files. This has been happening for 2 days now.

Also, you need 15 characters in the topic title, is that necessary I always find myself needing to think of a longer heading.

Check to see if the new updates have increased the lights and shadow count in the settings.

Are you running A23 or A24 Unstable Branch?

Also good to check disk usage, if something like a virus scanner or office 365 (it has a service that likes to read the drive all the time) is using 90%+ it can really slow down everything. I know from experience that this can cause lag spikes as it has to wait to read any resources.

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