Game is too violent! We need more non-lethal weapons

I hope this is an april fools joke

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I would assume so, but you have to admit archers shooting cloth at goblins would be pretty cute!

Or corn.
They’ll make goblins all corny.


Ooooh, yes let’s go the full “prisoner” system like in RimWorld!

Seriously, that would be an awesome game mechanic. Will they join you? Will they escape? Will they stubbornly rot to death in your jail?

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I actually thought the pun gave it away instantly. Totally only did it because of the “bolts of cloth” thing; “cloth” sounding somewhat similar to “cross” and combining it with bow was just the icing on the cake.
Post no. 8 is dead serious, though.


I think we should have more jobs for thief and goblin builders…

Maby if they where able to build things and thiefs where able to get into town … by climing over the fence or something…