Game Froze / Stopped Responding

Event 1: I was editing a building when a new day started and the game stopped responding entirely.
Event 2: Was editing a building and attempted to exit editing by creating a new zone/area.
Event 3: Editing building (still trying to) and daily update bubble appeared.

hey there @snipun … welcome aboard! :smile:

which version were you playing (steam or humble bundle)? what are your system specs?

what was the exact error message you received? was it the same for all three scenarios?

try using the bug report template, it’s a lot easier for all of us to read and for you to know what info to provide!


@SteveAdamo Latest humble version. I don’t have the exact message, sorry. It was something about some true/false message being invalid. I can check again later. In general, when these issues happen I can’t do any building at all. It’ll just throw message after message. I save the game and then immediately load and the issue resolves.

i7 @ 2.67ghz
16gb RAM
64-bit Win7 OS
geforce gtx760

@Sweeck I don’t find this forum very easy to read/find things in certain respects. I didn’t even see the bug template. I looked too. In general, just posting a bug seems very complicated. I was expecting an easy tway to report a bug in game but it gives you a URL that is not selectable. So you have to alt-tab out while remembering the URL or write it down to then type into a web browser. Then once you find the site I don’t see a clear-cut way for you to easily post one. The bug template appears to be in the “Welcome to the…” post. I was looking for a post called “Bug Template” or perhaps a form to use. Just seems very odd. You have to copy/paste the template and then maybe lose information in your clipboard that you’ve copy/pasted (or taken a screenshot of) in game that you’re trying to report.

when you first open the game up there should be a window asking whether you want to auto send bug reports, did you click yes or no?

Yep, I clicked yes. Reports are automatically being sent.

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ok then, as far as i understand whenever one of those error messages pops up it auto-sends a report to radiant.

the bug report form is for bugs that happen without an error message coming up. coud be wrong though.

OK I saw the bug report template earlier, and now I don’t. This entire site is so confusing to navigate.

haha, i know the feeling. after awhile you get used to it though, well i did at least.

also, heres the template for ya,

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yeh at first the forum’s a pain in the ass but you get used to the layout xD

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