Game doesn't want to launch (Sorry i'm FR^^)

Hi there is it possible to get any information about my game ? It doesn’t want to start and i’m very embarrased by this fact … I’m on Steam / Win 7 / 8 go RAM / GTX 960 / FX 8320E Amd

Welcome to the forum, @EazyoWoP :slight_smile:

Could you upload your stonehearth.log file?

It should be in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Stonehearth\

Can’t find it maybe because i can start the game ?

It might be, but inside it we could find a hint about why your game can’t start.

Do you have a user_settings.json file, at least? Ah, if you’re on Windows 7, make sure that you have Service Pack 1 installed.

There are several things you can try, maybe one of these can make your game to start correctly:

  1. Update your graphics drivers from here:

  2. If your user_settings.json seems incomplete (you can open it with any text editor, it’s a text file), try deleting it (the game will automatically create it again, or try modifying it yourself with these values (use your ID and screen resolution):

	"user_id" : "YOUR ID HERE",
	"collect_analytics" : true,
	"enable_auto_save" : false,
	"renderer" : {
		"run_once" : true,
		"use_high_quality" : false,
		"enable_ssao" : false,
		"enable_shadows" : false,
		"shadow_resolution" : 256,
		"msaa_samples" : 0,
		"shadow_quality" : 1,
		"max_lights" : 30,
		"enable_vsync" : false,
		"enable_fullscreen" : false,
		"screen_width" : 1920,
		"screen_height" : 1018,
		"draw_distance" : 1000
	"audio" : {
		"bgm_volume" : 0.6,
		"efx_volume" : 0.6
	"enable_lua_jit" : false,
	"force_32_bit" : false,
	"language" : "en"
  1. Upload your crash.dmp file so that devs can take a look. It should be in the same folder, where you have Stonehearth installed.

  2. Try running the game outside of Steam, sometimes it can fail if Steam is running in the background.

I find it but i can’t upload because i’m a new user but see what’s going on :
2016-09-28 20:15:32.499321 | server | 1 | app | Stonehearth Version (x64)
2016-09-28 20:15:32.535323 | server | 1 | core.config | user id is bf47c290-8349-11e6-a120-00ffeea3e626
2016-09-28 20:15:32.535323 | server | 1 | core.config | session id is 8b514f46-85a7-11e6-9e49-00ffeea3e626
2016-09-28 20:15:32.557324 | server | 0 | core.system | Initializing crash reporter
2016-09-28 20:15:32.830340 | server | 0 | | lua jit is disabled
2016-09-28 20:15:32.874342 | server | 1 | resources | Module rayyas_children_ui version 3 is deferred load)
2016-09-28 20:15:39.545724 | server | 1 | resources | Modules are verified pristine.

Hmm that’s short. Does the game window open at least? Do you get to see the Stonehearth process in the Task Manager, or it just crashes to desktop?

I hope one of my steps above works for you. First make sure that you have SP1:

and then try the other things I suggested if the game still doesn’t start.

It also can be caused by adware, or your firewall/antivirus blocking the game.

Thanks i’ll try after restaring my computer :slight_smile:

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Ok i can’t lauch it i try to instal service pack 1 but i’m on win 7 crack so maybe there’s a solution ?

Sorry, but if your Windows 7 doesn’t have Service Pack 1 I’m afraid that you won’t be able to run the game in that computer. It’s in the minimum requirements for Windows 7 :sweat:

You could try enabling the game through your firewall/antivirus or something, but I believe that without the SP it won’t be able to launch.

to be fair getting service pack 1 is worth a computer reinstall! And it will be faster to reinstall than downloading the service pack only to see windows fail installing it 6 times, then there’s the +220 other updates that comes after.

And i would be surprised if you dont know how to get an updated windows :innocent:

I’ll try some thers sollutions thanks all have fun