Game doesn't start

I literally JUST bought Stonehearth one Steam, I try to open it up and it just, does, nothing. My cursor does the little loading thing but nothing happens, I’ve tried deleting local content, i’ve deleted the actually file in steamapps, but nothing happens. My specs most DEFINITELY surpass the required. I really just wanna play some Stonehearth man.

hey there @Tyloor welcome to the discourse :smile:

sorry about your post getting auto flagged, the system didnt like it for some reason :confused:

  • could you post your system specs, even if they do go above and beyond the requirements, its still helpfull to TR to have them.

  • do you have Service Pack 1 (if your on windows 8.1 its included)

  • have you had a look at this thread,
    Crashing on start? Read this! UPDATED October 18, 2016

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hmmmm i think here has someone two accounts?

that may or may not have been due to a system flag… which i couldnt figure out how to get rid of… :eyes:

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Suspiciously that other account had liked this post:

Have you managed to play Stonehearth yet, @Tyloor ?

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