Game crashed upon removing blacksmith anvil


Removal of anvil resulted in UI bugging out, windows became unresponsive, and animations would stop, then play, etc. UI buttons to control gameplay stopped working. Upon opening menu, attempting to save game to quit and restart, new savegame resulted in the “saving” message coming up, but the game appeared to freeze… Hitting escape after several minutes brought the main menu back up, but rendered on top of the old save window as an artifact in the background (game animations all halted at this point). Menu was responsive, but buttons did nothing. Unable to quit the game, had to hard end the task.


Do not have the log file available as no crash log was provided


No crash logs were presented at the time this occurred.

Versions and Mods:

No mods installed. Current version (not latest branch, current stable branch on steam as of July 12 2018 9pm NZST)

System Information:

Windows 10, I7 Processor, 8 GB RAM, AMD R9-390 GPU