(Game Breaking) Workers forever stuck building road/floors

This is a bug I ran into twice with the only way to fix it is to revert a save. Once placing a road and the workers digging it out. If you remove the floor/road before they fully build it, the worker(s) will work 24/7 to build it. Other than to sleep or eat.

After about 5 minutes they seem to have gone and picked up some resources I told them to loot. But went straight back to “building” nothing

Even after building a floor over where they should have built the old one to try to stop them, they still are trying to build the old non-existent floor

is it just your workers, or are the hearthlings that have professions also stuck?

Just the workers are stuck. The professions keep doing their jobs. The workers actually go and do other things once and a while (like mine or pick up items) but 80-90% of the time they are doing this

hmm… thats weird… im at a loss :confused:

@SteveAdamo @Relyss could you page the people who actually know about this stuff :blush:

Well I mean if you pave the whole map they might be forever stuck. :wink:


Hmm… Then there should be a way to prevent this stuff from happening. @Ponder ?

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Should be fixed with our next update. Curious, though: did you not see any error window pop up?


Nope, there was no errors. Though I did get this error, though its not from the workers infinitely building the floor, not sure what exactly it is from

What I did that might have caused it was to try and use the erase tool from the floor tools and try to erase the floor that already exists (circled in blue). Im not sure if that caused anything but hopefully one of those errors will help pinpoint any problems.

I did not get any errors directly from this infinite loop of building floors though.